Livorno – Marittime Republic Beaches and Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

La Toscana: Livorno

  Livorno is without any doubt completely different to all other Tuscan cities. There are no medieval churches or Renaissance piazzas that are typical of this region. However, although it is lacking in historic monuments and other typically Tuscan traits, the city is a leading maritime centre, the sea being defining feature of the city [...]

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Volterraio Castle: Elba Island’s Guardian

La Toscana: Tuscan itineraries

Its name is a mystery. Perhaps it derives from the Etruscan word vul-tur, which means elevated cliff, or from the Latin vultur which means nest of vultures. It could even be a way of indicating the provenance of the architect from the province of Pisa who was appointed in 1281 to reinforce the fortress which [...]

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Santa Maria from Montserrat: a Spanish Lady on Elba

La Toscana: Churches and monasteries

Monserrat is the most important sacred place of Catalogna and one of the main sanctuaries inside the Iberian Peninsula. At least since the IX century, Monserrat has guarded the small image of Virgin Mary with her baby (famously known as “La Moreneta”, “La Scura”), which, according to the tradition, was actually realised by the apostle [...]

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