Aqua Forte: Copperplate Printing in Florence

La Toscana: Florence

July hits Italian cities with burning darts, but don’t worry, there’s always an alternative, something different, something refreshing to do! Cultural Events Florence If you choose to defy the heat and wander the streets between Piazza Signoria and Piazza S. Croce, in the heart of the historical city center, you can for example stop in [...]

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Tuscany Artisans – Ceramics

La Toscana: English, Florence, Made in Tuscany

Focusing on Tuscany, and Florence in particular, which has always been a town of excellent workshops, to the point that Riccardo Marasco, a Florentine himself, dedicated a song characterising Florence as an artisan – Firenze bottegaia – the chorus of which goes: Firenze bottegaia di quando ero bambino e già ne andavo fiero di esser [...]

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Tuscany Artisans – Embroidery and Linen

La Toscana: Uncategorized

The best way to learn a craft was to Andare a bottega, or go to the workshop, although of course there are exceptions to every rule. Michelangelo Buonarroti never had a ‘master’ so to speak, but was said to have learnt how to carve marble through drinking his wet nurse’s milk who was the daughter [...]


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