Scansano and the Morellino wine

The region situated between the River Ombrone and the River Albegna is the producer of an intense red DOC* wine, very pleasant to drink with a dry taste. So, if we go in search of this very appealing red wine we will find ourselves in one of the healthiest parts of the Tuscan Maremma.

The Morellino di Scansano of one of six DOC wines from the appropriately named Road of the Wine Hills of the Maremma, a road which crosses the province of Grosseto passing through beautiful scenery of western part of the Maremma region. The production zone is quite large, stretching across a big part of the Maremma, and includes the towns of Monte Argentario, Orbetello, Pitigliano, Capalbio, Grosseto, Magliano in Toscana, Scansano, Manciano, Sorano, Campagnatico, Semproniano, Roccalbegna and Giglio Island. The main characteristics which these various towns all have in common would include: the claylike terrain, the need for organic materials and the quantity of water, which is not plentiful, available for harvesting their grapes. The wine which comes from this region is effectively warm and simple, and is ideal for drinking with heavy meat dishes such as meat kebabs, roast pork, wild boar and first course dishes served with meat sauce.

Scansano, the village whose named is linked to the Morellino wine, came to rise in about the year 1000 (however certain ruins there also suggest that the town was occupied by the Etruscans during the 4th B.C).

The region in which the village of Scansano is situated is a pleasant zone untouched, due to its good condition and healthiness, by the infestation of malaria which plagued the entire Maremma region and surrounding areas. It is for this reason that it was. From the 16th century onwards, considered to be one of the most important villages of the region. In fact, many families residing in other parts of the region actually migrated to Scansano, mainly from Grosseto, in order to escape the malaria infestation.

Today, Scansano is a picturesque village which is the perfect destination for those have tried the Morellino Wine and would like to more about its background. For example, in Scansano you can visit the Museum of Grape Vines and Wine, which is dedicated to informing its visitors about the many different aspects of wine and its production, including the history of wine production and specific wine production techniques.

The Museum of Grape Vines and Wine can be found in Pretorio Palace (constructed during the 15th century next to the old town walls) which also houses the local Museum of Archeology.

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