At the table in Siena

At the table in SienaFew other provinces big in culture, remain tied to the past, remaining genuine and simple like other historical centres. In Italy, monuments of art are never kept uncontaminated like those in Siena. The city of Siena loves tourists and allows them to invade, leaving its kitchen represented by its restaurants, trattorie’s, cooking shops and kitchens where visitors can try many savory snacks. This is where Siena loses some of its contact with tradition in order to satisfy the tourists requirements, the taste of the hosts food is more and more foreign. The province, on the other hand, hasnt forgotten its recipes handed down from generation to generation.

In this popular province, they continue to offer classic main courses, with all the foods of the earth that are not used so much in the rest of tuscany and outside, like salty ham, sausage, milk cheese, honey, game: with generous abundance. This is much more recommended today than the usual italian gastronomy, closing the parenthesis on the positive and wicked sides of ‘Nouvelle Cuisine”, certainly, to gain a true image, we can say that the proper dignity, that the regional kitchen translates different customers needs, from the malnourished to the decidedly obese.

Wherever it is gone, in the province of Siena, in Montalcino (recommending the Taverna dei Barbi) like in Monticchiello, Montefollonico, Monteriggioni, Sinulunga, Montepulcino, they all have the reliability of a regional kitchen and the salvation of a modern italian kitchen. Soon they will have an equal reputation for wines. The Brunello, with the Sangiovese, will give back to Tuscany, its false character from French, Californian, Australian, Argentinian wines where there are too many cabernet wines.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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