At the table in Pisa

At the table in PisaHow do they eat in Pisa….well or badly? The quality of the food both locally and nearby is today proved in both the restaurants and the trattories. Therefore, with extreme restraint, we can say that in Pisa and the area of Pisa, we eat better than those in Lucca and the surrounding area of Lucca, but of course, the very best in is the area of Livorno. This does not depend so much on the local owners, like the chefs and the hosts but on the number of consumers who go there. The people of Pisa and Lucca are very keen to keep their traditions and like to keep things as they were in the days of their grandfathers.

In Pisa, it is possible to taste the more elaborate foods produced in this region. Thanks to its mass tourism and large student population, the restauration trade is at a lower level of business. However, you will find some premises where they still produce fine gastronomy with the best fruits and vegetables they can find. Sworn enemy of Florence. Pisa has not ridded it of its customs and traditions. The long centuries of the Medici family and the grand-ducal domination are over.
The border between Florence and Pisa, going in car from Empoli towards Pontedera, we discover lots of restaurants of the same country, providing baby food like tomato, ribollita and the fagioli pasta.

If we leave one world in order to enter another one. The Ribollita and the soup with pisa bread are the 2 different mentalities here : capture that of florence, directed by Pisa. Pisa is different to Lucca, as it doesnt have access to the mountains, however, it does have the truffles of San Miniato, the centre of which, at the end of the day, came from Florence. This satisfies the spirit of revenge which the people of Pisa tradititionally, have never stopped.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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