At the table in Grosseto

At the table in GrossetoWhen you come to Maremma, you must prepare yourself for enjoyment from food and allow your eyes to fill up with the anticipation of food. But for a traditional recipe explorer lost in a labyrinth, knowing which way to go, however little selection of paths can be difficult.
The leader of a maremmano country recently said : “What is a Pig?”. And one of his more inspired pupils wrote, ” A pig is a beast which is never finished. It has four paws or trotters, four cooked and raw hams and a little face. Cooked in a thousand ways to provide all the lunches in Maremma”.
Equal development is that of the wild boar in mushroom soup, on crostinis and in noodles with hare.

Without the malaria that killed a number of people in the mountains, the Maremma would probably not have had the interpretation it has had over the main course. No other province in Tuscany, for example, has a soup like Maremma, they have other various ones which are similar. After knowing the exquisite taste. You will not want to try others from the surrounding area.

In the last twenty years, the Maremma has had the fortune of opening a number of tourism centres, and this has triggered a process of demands in the gastronomy, which gives the best results. In retail, in particular, in Saturnia and Punta Ala, there is the hope of quality, when the weather doesn’t grind to a halt. In our inspection, we have included certain dishes and certain products, like valuable fish, which do not play a certain traditional role in Maremmian food. The fact remains that there will never be a true “Grosseto a Tavola” in our travels round Tuscany but we had the need to provide space for it.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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