At the table in Arezzo

At the table in ArezzoSome say that Arezzo is the place with the golden goose. But, that is without including its cooking, and its clear economy. No other city in Tuscany, in the past 30 years has made as much progress as Arezzo. Not only has it always had a number of saints in paradise but it is also renound for its recovery after the war, when they had to build the city up from starting point. It was at this point that Amintore Fanfani played his best card. Of course, we all know how. He built up the confection industry and the goldsmith industry.

Today, Arezzo is the italian capital of valuable metals. Further more, the input of city traffic, the influx of tourists and the fastening of Piero of Francesca, means there is a fortune in modern antiques here too. Respected for over four or five generations, the province now has agriculture at the foot of San Giovanni Valdarno’s built up industry, this now makes them one step ahead in an enormous market.
And in the kitchen? They are keeping it at an easy level, although, all over Tuscany, they are known as having both a brilliant and a developing lead.

Arezzo is a most beautiful valley and its a shame that throughout a region, famous for its culinary skills, this city is not so interested in this fascinating culture. They are more sleepy around the kitchen.
In the more pleasant areas of Arezzo, i once heard someone saying with pride “From me the knight always came”. In Arezzo, a “knight” is (and will always be) Licio Gelli. Discover the quality of the restauration in a city which brings a clientel like Licio Gelli into its arms.

Nevertheless, the people of Arentino have provided resources in other zones outside the area. There isnt enough mention of the superstitious rise of Tuscany, and the young calves of Chianina. There is no better meat than that of Chianina, well treated and tender, pepper is the number one ingredient in a Tuscan kitchen and is the most basic ingredient on a beef-steak. However, in Arezzo and its surroundings, i have not found, on a restaurant menu, the offer of an authentic Chianina steak. Although, i know sufficient to enrich gourmets and to make critcial analysis in guides and reviews.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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