View points of Florence


High up on the hills just outside Florence is the town of Fiesole. Here you will find many things to see, including ruins of an old theatre and some of the old city walls. However, one of the things that Fiesole is popular for is its breath taking views over Florence. You will be able to see the whole of the city from a distance and learn to appreciate just how big it is and just how much it has to offer. This truely is one of the best views you will see of Florence and it is for this reason that Fiesole is well worth a visit.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazza Michelangelo and its grand viewpoint have always been a favourite with both the locals and tourists alike. The view here is a lot closer than that at Fiesole. Here you will look out on to the city, over the River Arno and the beautiful Ponte Vecchio and be amazed at the way the Duomo seems to occupy the majority of the skyline.
The piazza has a few bars and restaurants within close proximity and in the centre of this little square, is a large bronze statue of David, not to be mistaken for the real statue of David which can be found in the Galleria Accademia in the city centre.


Taking a trip to the Duomo, you will be given the chance of climbing the narrow staircase to the top of the Dome, where you will find another fantastic view of Florence. Due to the fact that the Duomo is quite a central building in Florence’s landscape, you will be able to see all around the city from the various viewpoints of the Dome, giving you an alternative view of Florence.

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