Bagni San Filippo: The Water Story

Bagni San Filippo: The Water StoryTuscany is truly an amazing region. It isn’t just Florence, Siena and Lucca that have beautiful places on offer. It only takes the small, picturesque houses of central Tuscany to make you feel you’re on a film set. There are waterfalls, that, combined with the beauty of the Tuscan sunshine, and forestry really are splendid.

Some say, these amazing sites are down to the miraculous Virgin Mary, when, in truth, they are owed to the fact that the San Filippo springs have a temperature of 52° C, which, in turn creates a mineral rich environment. This, leads us to the first section of the Amiata mountain, in the Paglia valley. A small distance from this location, you’ll find a spot which was written about by Dante and Boccaccio, where, an aristocratic highwayman resided, and spent a lot of his time attacking whoever passed by.

The springs of San Filippo also have more ancient tales to tell. The first documents referring to the place dates back to 742 A.D, and refers to the Romans, and maybe, it could’ve dated to back before then. From this era we come to the year 1268, when a man called Filippo Benizzi came to the area, and transformed the caves of the springs into chapels, where he lived, the chapels can still be seen today, and we can appreciate the modest life he lived.

It is said that when Gregory the 10th became Pope, the springs evolved to produce magical healing qualities. This urban legend has carried on throughout the centuries, as people like Lorenzo The Magnificent, and Cosimo de’ Medici, used the San Filippo springs. Today however, the springs have a little competition from nearby resorts, such as Chianciano and San Casciano. But, located within the Val d’Orcia, the San Filippo springs are quiet and its discreet location allows you to emerge yourself in an idyllic dream.

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