Tortellini in capon broth

An out and out classic, never to be missed on the Italian Christmas table: the tortellini in capon broth.

Serves 8 people: For the pasta: white flour g 400 – 4 eggs – salt – For the filling and the broth: one capon – edible boletus mushrooms g 350 – grated parmesan cheese – garlic – parsley – celery – carrots – one onion – olive oil – salt – black pepper in grains.

Clean, skin and wash the capon, then boil it for about one hour and a half, at a simmer, in salted water, with one celery, one carrot, a small onion and some black pepper grains.
In the meantime, clean the mushrooms, cut them into small pieces and cook them in a pan, with three spoonfuls of olive oil and one garlic clove, for about 5 minutes; then switch off the gas, add some salt, pepper and chopped parsley, and leave them to cool down.
Prepare the dough for the tortellini: arrange the flour into a cone on the table; in the centre put the eggs and some salt. Knead long until you obtain a compact dough, that you will leave to rest for 30′ wrapped in plastic cling film. When the capon will be done, remove all its meat. Weigh g 250 meat and pass it in the mixer with the mushrooms. Put all in a bowl, mixing with 2 spoonfuls of grated parmesan and a pinch of salt and pepper. With the pasta maker roll out the dough in thin sheets; cut them in small squares having a 3 cm side, and put half a spoon of filling in the centre of each square. Then fold each square into a triangle and, rolling it around your index finger, form a ring joined at its ends. Repeat this operation until you will have ended all the ingredients.
Shortly before serving, filtrate the capon broth and boil the tortellini in it, underdone. Serve them in their broth, with the grated parmesan aside.

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