Pork and cauliflower ravioli

Pork and cauliflower ravioliThis recipe comes from a restaurant in the old slaughter houses, in the more innovative premises in Pisa. Opened in the 1981, five years after the Michelin guide rated it with just one star. The recipes are traditional, refined and make the best of the ingredients available at the market – which is something we should all take note of.

Ingredients for 6 people

500g of lean pork
Half a cauliflower
2 cloves of garlic
A few leaves of Rosemary
Salt and Pepper
1 egg yolk

Casserole dish. Oil. Put a bit of the lean pork into the pan. Add the rosemary and garlic and a little salt and pepper and cook it. While it is baking, wash and prepare the cauliflower. Mix it in and then finish cooking it. Wait until the cauliflower is reduced to a creamy consistency. When an hour has passed, put it into the blender with the egg yolk – you may need to add two egg yolks. The mixture must be soft and compact. The pasta for the ravioli is then ready. Mrs Vanni tends to give five pieces to each person, making them into disc shapes and flavouring them with gravy.

In a frying pan put 2 cloves of garlic in and a little oil on a gentle heat. Add the cauliflower. Cook the cauliflower, making sure it stays in one piece in order to make beautiful ravioli. Then afterwards, add the rest of the pork.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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