Polenta with herring and milk

Polenta with herring and milkIngredients for 10 people

1 kg of Flour
200g of thinly sliced bacon
4 Herrings
300g of dry, grated milk cheese
Olive oil

Donatello Cinelli who owns a small farm in Barbi says :

“During the harvest of olives, from november to january, polenta would be served in the morning with these condiments. But, after midday, the polenta is then either served fried or roasted”.

Pour the flour into the salty boiling water, lower the heat, stir for half an hour, cook the bacon, this is friccioli. Add the polenta, stir again, and serve the polenta at the table. Leave it to cool and then serve the portions. Remove the herring from the salty water and place them on the grill. Cut them into small pieces and flavour them with oil and vinegar. Arrange them on top of the polenta and dust them with the grated milk cheese.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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