Bread and Tomatoes

The recipe which we propose represents us: it is simple and easy to prepare but is also a perfect example of how even the most common dish can become unique with the attention given in the search for the ingredients and in their preparation. In practice, it is just bread with seasoned tomatoes but beyond the definition, there is a whole world!

Let us begin in order: the bread. Choose the traditional ones from “the country,” with the soft part of the bread compact and moist. It must be heavy, whit nature yeast only – it is the bread sold in big circles, from two to three kilos and that is almost better several days after it has been bought. The bread from Vinca, Tuscan or “pugliese” are perfect even if difficult to find at the grocery store or in bakeries…but not impossible!
Once you have found it, cut out a big slice, not too thin or too tall.

Let go on to the tomatoes, first the variety: “pachino” or even a bigger type as long as they are very pulpy and do not have yellow filaments inside. The tomatoes are peeled (A small trick: You probably all know that to better peel a tomato you should place it in boiling water for a few seconds but there is another method just as efficient and maybe a bit faster. Pierce the tomato with a fork and pass it directly over the flame of the stove burner. The skin will come off very easily). If the tomato is big, cut it in half and set a half aside to rub against the slices of bread. With the other half, once the seeds are removed, cut small squares. If you prefer, you can also smash the pulp to obtain a tomato paste.

At this point it is necessary to think about the olive oil and this is not a small decision! The taste should be fruity…some advice? The oil from “Vivo” of the Antinori’s and Martini Berardi, which among other things disproves the common belief that freezing products makes them lose all their taste and fragrance.

Season the bread slice and the tomatoes with a bit of oil and some salt.

Finally, as garnish, place a few basil leaves on top… for example, the basil from Prà which, as a good Ligurian basil, has an unmistakable smell: sampled with a bit of attention will not reveal the minty flavor that characterizes all of the most common types of basil. This is the ideal basil for pesto of which we will talk about on another occasion.

As you can see, the recipe is simple in concept and in realization, but following some of these pieces of advice the result will surely be sublime…try it and let us know if you agree with us!

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