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Food In Tuscany

Tuscany is a large region, whose landscapes vary between seacoasts, mountains, plains, villages and large cities, all of which greatly influence its cuisine, at the same time creating such a variety that most other regions in Italy are unable to match. Tuscan cuisine, and Florentine food in particular, is essentially based on simple, natural ingredients, deriving from the traditions of peasant food and is therefore, wholesome and tasty, featuring more often than not broths and stews. The three main symbols that define Tuscan gastronomy are:

  • wine
  • olive oil
  • bread Wines are famously substantial and you cannot talk about Tuscan cuisine without mentioning the wines, Chianti in particular. It is said Chianti wines were first invented back in 1860. Today they are produced across the region and exported on a massive scale. Chianti Classico however only comes from the area between Florence and Siena and every bottle proudly bears the growers label of a black cockerel on a gold background.In this section you will find some of our favourite traditional Tuscan recipes.
    Not only are they simple and easy to make but they taste delicious too. These dishes will give you an excellent idea of the type of food you can expect to find here the Tuscany region.

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