The Travelling markets – Christmas markets Tuscany

This type of market, in various countries throughout Europe, has almost disappeared, suffocated by mass distribution and shopping centres which are shiny and new, but definately less human. In Italy and Tuscany huge shopping centres exist, but have not managed to subsume this antique and distinctive tradition.

In Italy the markets continue to resist in their various forms, weekly markets held in the same town square offering fruit, vegetables and other fresh food, clothes and household objects, to monthly antique markets that tour the larger towns, usually on Sundays, to the Christmas markets – lively with colours and lights which brighten the cold December days.

The most famous of these Christmas markets, even if found outside the our beloved Tuscany, is the Piazza Walther market of Bolzano (Trentino A. Adige), that takes place very year from the end of November up to Christmas Eve.

This yearly fixture has become in the Italian imagination, a unique opportunity to relive the childhood excitement of Christmas, to search for original presents, and to plan how to decorate the Christmas tree, and most of all it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to a holiday in a fairytale atmosphere. The intoxicating aroma of vin brûlé, mixed with that of typical pastries such as strudel, zelten and stollen, waft through the thousands of decorations in the piazza.

The Duomo, a splendid example of Gothic architecture built on Roman foundations, provides the backdrop to an already beautiful setting, and is often topped by a dusting of brilliant white snow.

We have dedicated this article to a topic outside Tuscany, given the time of year, to the most renowned Christmas market in Italy, but we can guarantee you that it wasn’t easy to choose given that every region has its own Christmas markets, each of which merits a visit.

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