High adrenaline journeys… to Tuscany!

Has someone ever said that Tuscany is the ideal place for spending relaxing and cultural holidays only, where good cooking has paved the way to a wonderful world, made of tasty discovers and natural, artistic wonders, among the most beautiful in the world?

I don’t want to be rude or appear a little bit ‘exuberant’ if I say that Tuscany is also the realm of sport, but that is not too far from reality: sea, mountains, lakes and rivers, that is what Tuscany may offer to tourists and its inhabitants… what could be missing to all those who would like to experience new sport disciplines, both classic or odd and bizarre?

Someone could feel like changing his point of view and visit our region from a different prospective, or better said, an air-point-of-view! If you haven’t ever seen a bird’s eye Tuscany (flights excluded!), you couldn’t miss the chance during your Tuscany vacations.
What I’m going to suggest you is not only dedicated to lovers of sport or reckless tourists: for quieter activities, ballooning in Tuscany is an experience you couldn’t miss out! If you have decided to spend your holiday in an agriturismo, ask the owner for more information on this topic, many accommodation facilities may organize hot-air balloons rides for you to appreciate a wonderful Tuscany, as you’ve never seen before, and to experience a flight on one of the most fascinating aircraft that has ever been invented. But if you’re looking for stronger emotions going up to high altitude, then flying above Tuscan hills could be turned on an experience worth shouting about! Are you wondering how? Well, two are the activities that immediately come to mind, a bit different from one another, but both equally thrilling: paragliding and parachuting!

For all those who feel like directly diving into blue depths of the sea from Tuscan blue sky: don’t try to bunjee jumping (even if you could :-) ), but take a journey onto Tuscan seabed, you’ll be amazed at what you may find under there. Among wonderful natural sights and unexpected encounters, you may also have the fortune to discover past civilizations ruins (be careful!! Tuscan coasts are really rich in valued archaeological ruins, if you come across one of those, don’t forget to report founding to the appropriate authorities, since Italian law is really strict on this topic; more information can be found there).

If you are not keen on diving, bur you’re still looking for strong emotions, kitesurf is becoming a widespread and popular activity has grown to become popular in the past few years, in particular in those places where wind is almost a constant presence, as for example along Grosseto coast, in Talamone.
For those who prefer instead fresh waters (or sweet waters, as we usually say in Italy), high-thrilling activities are waiting for reckless people champing at the bit (scalpitare) and looking for strong emotions in the midst of lake and rivers natural landscapes, which Tuscany is rich in: wakeboard, kajak, rafting and hydrospeed, ready to be tried out!

I’ve come to the end of my practical suggestions on what to do during your Tuscany vacations, but don’t be too busy doing all those listed activities, otherwise you’ll forget to… lift your eyes! Every year the night of shooting star brings light to dreams and hopes / brings starry dreams and hopes to skies all over the world, so… make your wish and let’s hope that the night of San Lorenzo will shed lots of tears!

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  1. Bobbie Says:
    December 2nd, 2011 at 10:24

    I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extreelmy easy for me!


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