Postal Services

Stamps or francobolli can be bought at tabacchi, newsagents, tobacconists and of course the post offices, Ufficio Postale. Airmail with insufficient postage is not returned to sender, but is sent via surface mail, which can take weeks or even months to arrive at the final destination. We highly recommend you send your postcards and letters from the post office and, even though it can be irritating, take the time to confirm that you have affixed the correct postage, everything has to be done perfectly in Italy, otherwise they will create a problem for you.

A letter or postcard of 20 grams should cost less than 50 cents to any EU destination, and to America just over 50 cents. Most post boxes or cassetta postale are red and have two slots, Per la città (for Florence) and Tutte le altre destinazioni, basically eveywhere else. There are also blue post boxes with the EU star symbol for European Union mail only. A letter takes around 5 days to reach the UK, 8 to the US. Mail can be sent raccomandata (registered, which costs a little extra) or assicurata (insured for up to €52) from post offices. The new equivalent to first class post (posta prioritaria) generally aims to deliver the letter within 24 hours in Italy and 3 working days for EU countries, and a maximum of 5 days for the rest of the world. All heavier mail is then charged according to weight.

For guaranteed, fast delivery you can also use a courier or the SDA Italian Post Office courier service.

Post Offices

Local Post offices (Ufficio Postale) in each district are generally open weekly from 8.15am- 1.30pm Monday to Friday, with the Saturday opening hours closing at 12.30pm. Furthermore, they tend to close an extra half hour earlier on the last day of the month. Post offices at airports and the main post offices in large cities are open 24 hours a day for registered mail and telegram services and offer a greater range of services. The Italian Post website offers lots of information in English on the costs of sending letters abroad, the types of post you can send and other services offered by the Poste Italiana.

Posta Centrale

Via Pellicceria 3
Tel: 055 273 361
Open: 8.15am- 7pm; Sat 8.15am- 12.30pm

This is the city’s main post office and is spread over two floors, and offers all postal and telegram services.

Other post offices:

Via Camillo Cavour 71/a
Tel: 055 463 501
Fax: 055 4635 034
Open: Mon – Fri 8.15am- 1.30pm, Sat 8.15am- 12.30pm

Click here to search for the full list of post offices in Florence. (note: write “firenze” for both località and provincia)

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