Many news-stands around Florence sell the Times, Newsweek, the Economist and glossy English language magazines. For Italian speakers, Italian magazines wrth checking out are Panorama, and L’Espresso which have high level journalism articles written on weekly current affairs and general interest issues. Furthermore, there are also some useful pamphlets listing events going on in and around the city.

Firenze Spettacolo
Monthly listings and local interest magzaines with an English-language section called Florencescope.

Florence Concierge Information
Found at tourist offices and most hotels, this freebie magazine gives events, useful information, timetables and other relevant information all in English.


Foreign Dailies

Many news-stands and newsagents sell foreign papers, which usually arrive the next day (the same evening in Summer, except Sundays). You’ll find the greatest selection around Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Tornabuoni and obviously the Station.

Italian Dailies

There are many Italian dailies, and the majority include general current political affairs, comprehensive listings for local events, sport (Corriere dello Sport and Gazzetta dello Sport), weather etc. The main ones include:

La Nazione
Selling around 160,000 copies a day, this is the most popular newspaper in Tuscany. It was founded in Tuscany in the mid 19th Century and is one of Italy’s oldest newspapers. It is a fairly right-wing newspaper and consists of three sections: sport, national and local. Each province has its own newspaper.

La Repubblica
This is one of Italy’s youngest newspapers. It is centre-left and covers the Mafia and Vatican issues a lot. The Tuscan edition has about 20 or so pages dedicated to local and provincial news.

Il Giornale
Owned by the brother of Berlusconi it focuses on the government as you can expect and offers a section dedicated to local news.

Corriere della Sera
This is another daily which covers national and international news, weather, sports and political affairs.

This is most definitely aimed at the far left.

Furthermore, there are a few free newspapers that include City, Leggo, and Metro that you can pick up for general gossip, local, national and international current affairs, which you can pick up from the station and at bus stops.


There are many mixed radio stations in Italy, and don’t expect to hear just Italian songs, the airplay of popular English and American artists is massive.

Radio Rai 1,2 and 3
These stations offer excellent news bulletins and play a range of music, from Italian, classical and international pop.

Controradio FM 93.6
Via Rosso Fiorentino, 2/b
Tel: 055 739 9910
This station mainly plays dub, hip hop, drum ‘n ‘ bass and indie rocky type styles.

Radio Toscana Network
This station plays a mix of modern and past Italian songs, along with the mainstream pop, house and club music.

Radio Montebeni – 105.5 FM
This station plays classical music.

Radio Diffusione Firenze – 102.7 FM
This station plays mainstream pop, house and club music.

Nova Radio – 101.5 FM
This station prouds itself for having no ads, it is run by volunteers, and is commited to social issues. Nova Radio broadcasts a very good mixture of jazz, soul, blues, reggae, world music, hip hop and rap.

Italia Radio
Italia Radio is part of the Gruppo Espresso which publishes the weekly L’Espresso magazine and the daily newspaper La Repubblica . News about films every Saturday.

KissKiss Network
KissKiss Radio is mostly devoted to pop music and R’n'B.

Radio Capital
Radio Capital can be heard all over Italy. They now have webcams in the studio so you can see the disc jockey. Nick the Nighfly is one of the most popular. For the frequencies in various cities in Italy call (from Italy) 800 392 317.

Radio Deejay
Radio Deejay broadcasts the latest hits and is heard throughout the country.


Italian TV is unfortunately drenched with fiction, light entertainment, soap operas, gameshows, and at all hours of the day skimply dressed italian girls sitting down next to the programmes hosts or just prancing about. News coverage is quite good as is the range of films they show. Unfortunately, nearly 100% of the programmes are dubbed into Italian so hearing George Clooney or Brad Pitt speak with a strange Italian accent just isn’t the same. Don’t forget also that Italian TV is full of messaggi promozionali (promotional advertising) and normal adverts.

Italy currently has 6 major network channels. Of these, three are owned by Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister including Mediaset :

Canale 5
This channel offers regular news bulletins at 2-3 hour intervals, many light entertainment programmes such as ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’, a range of American soaps, general comedy programmes and many good modern films.

Italia 1
Italia 1 presents many dubbed Italian Japanese cartoons, other children’s cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, popular American Sc- fi series, and a bit of sports.

Rete 4
Rete 4 has many news bulletins, a mix of English and American detective series, films from the late 70′s and 80′s, rubbishy gameshows, but some top nature programmes.

The RAI channels (1, 2 and 3) are also bascially controlled by Berlusconi as well but are slightly better recognised for their higher quality programming, having said that there are still many programmes featuring scantily clad young girls parading about the stage. The range of shows over the three channels includes cookery programmes, kids cartoons, gameshows, cultural features and many of the latest release films. An extra service provided on most of the RAI programmes and available on some programmes on Canale 5 (especially when they show an English language film) is the option to put subtitles or sottotitoli either in English (778) or Italian (777) for the hard of hearing.

This is the american music channel and offers a range of original language programmes i.e in English and American, as well as the extensive music shows including the best 10 Italian songs, the European Top 20 Countdown and other features such as the MTV Music Awards.

Apart from these channels there is LA 7, which has nature and scientific based documentaries, the All Music channel, which shows music videos and concerts, and of course the regional TV channels. A good one for Tourist Information about Florence and the sights to see is called Toscana TV. Sky and CNN broadcast news in English in the early hours of the morning on TMC. The French channel Antenne 2 is also accessible in Tuscany. Of the many satellite and cable TV subscritption channels, the best are Scream and Telepiù. Some of their packages also include the BBC and some major American channels.

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