Jerusulem – in Tuscany!

Situated in the territory of Montaione in the province of Florence, you’ll find the smooth land of Valdarno, where they welcome the fascinating people of Certaldo, San Gimignano and Volterra and people from San Vivaldo, where there is a valuable sacred mountain, but one of the lesser known in the North of Italy.

Together they have established a Chapel which was erected after the year 1500, when the Franciscan monks took possession of the place, inspired by their leader Tommaso of Florence, a monk who had travelled a lot around the Orient and in Palestine Holy land. In an era when it was thought unsafe and expensive to go on a pilgrimage to find where Jesus lived, it enabled them to reproduce a land which was like that of Jerusulem at the end of the XV century. The results allowed an amazing route with lots of little sacred buildings which welcome statuesque groups, at times of great popularity. There were often interventions from more famous people like Giovanni of Robbia and Benedetto Buglioni, who reconstructed half of the forest, in the essential moments of Via Dolorosa, or rather, the passion of Christ. Together they represent the success of the symbolic mountain of Calvario. Unfortunately, not all of the chapels can be reached here, while others were rebuilt in the following century. But rest assured that the same group of pilgrims still walk this land.

If we take a look at the focus of the chapels, we can recall a drama from 200 years ago, when the Pilgrims touched a few dramatic moments, shouting from their Podiums. This, instead of total immersion, meant that a leading figure in the church, would come and see you. Leaving from the house of Pilot, where we find the insult of innocent Jesus, and that of Caifa, rise in Calvario, helped the saviour with the overwelming weight of the cross, in his glorious rise. But if we arrive at other events in the Passion of our Man. Other Chapels, add successfully the story of the last supper, along with the escape to Egypt and the Lavender feet.

Next is the story of the rise of the spirit, and about the building of a convent which was a contempory construction upon the sacred mountain. In other words, a visit to San Vivaldo represents the retrace of a spiritual route, with a lavish touch. For the non-worshippers, it is a unique experience where you can enjoy the glow of a popular faith. It is also the chance to admire a natural Jerusulem in Valdelsa.

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