Christmas song…in Tuscany

Santa Claus rockingThe countdown to Christmas time is now begun and people have already started “hunting” Christmas presents. But, as it happens every year, we may suppose that there will be plenty of latecomers crowding the shops in these last days, which will be open all weekends during all December.
If you get to visit Italy during this period, you may enjoy the italian Christmas atmosphere in every city: different-shaped lightings shining in the streets, shops appearing piebald more than even with their decorated windows, and a multitude of puppets of Santa Claus hanging down from palaces balconies and gutter pipes, and thus seeming to imitate Rambo.
Everywhere the merry bells clink sings..and the popular refrain jingle bells may be not only meant literally. This song represents infact, as other songs do, the soundtrack you may hear inside the shops and while walking around many historical city centers.
To fully enjoy the traditional Christmas Song, which striking locations would be better than the ones situated in Tuscany, such as the “Teatro della Pergola” in Florence and the Cathedral in Pisa, where the ghost of past resembles the medieval monuments overtopping the Piazza dei Miracoli, unlike the gosth persecuting the stingy Scrooge?
Should you miss the concert in Pisa taking place on December 15th, you may attend the one which takes place on December 21st in San Giovanni della Vena Church in Vicopisano, in the province of Pisa.
Not only classic chorus, but also citizens bands sing the traditional christmas songs, as the one passing through the little streets and squares of Abbadia San Salvatore on Christmas Eve.
On the night of December 24th this village in the province of Siena will be cleard up by wood stacks, called “torchlights”, lighted up in the different quarters (called rioni), and by the torches of the religious procession which a growing number of tourists usually takes part in, using the occasion to taste wines, cakes and other tipical local products in some wine bars of the village.
Fires and torches were originally lighted to warm up people waiting for the Christmas Midnight Mass, while today this old, popular tradition contributes to create a magic atmosphere. And to complete the suggestive painting above described, we would like to spend a few words about the striking position of Abbadia San Salvatore, a small village located 800 metres above sea level, overlooking the Orcia Valley and laying out at the foot of Monta Amiata, the perfect place for skiing and spending a beautiful White Christmas on the snow.
Christmas music in Tuscany is not only a prerogative of the classic genre. If you are keen on blues, jazz and gospel music, you may meet your match by finding out the annual dates with this kind of events, starting from the Toscana Gospel Festival, the most important gospel music festival in Italy, which the most popular gospel bands of the moment usually take part in (further information on the programme may be found on the site
If you are keen on jazz sounds, we highly recommend you to attend one of the most interesting event in Italy, that is the one taking place on December 22nd in San Giovanni Church in Lucca, with Puccini, Porter and Gershwin’s musical compositions as the main topic, and Stefano Bollani interpreting Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, being one of the most important contemporary performer. And if you do not want to miss the chance to listen to him singing just that song once more, we remind you of the concert taking place at “Teatro Goldoni” in Livorno on December 17th. The day after Giovanni Allievi, who is another italian music talent, considered “the Mozart of the new millennium”,will be on the stage of the same theatre.
We end this Christmas newsletter by pointing out a web page where you may find some of the most popular Christmas songs, should you be interested in crooning and listening to them:
We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…see you in January!

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