At the table in Florence and Prato

At the table in Florence and PratoWhen in Milan, us Tuscans like to boast about our cuisine. Our gastronomy gives us the voice to say that in Tuscany, if there is no kitchen : it is cooked, not created. That is to say that when they had no kitchen and didn’t know how to cook, originally, they used the most basic of materials to cook with, due to the north of Italy being very poor and often had trouble when it came to cooking food. This is still true today, in Tuscany the quality of their basic materials like their meat, is not so much cooked as needing to be cooked.Remaining important, the Tuscan kitchen, along with the simplicity, allows us, at least in Florence, not to abandon the traditional and more luxurious dishes as they do elsewhere. In no other city like Florence, can one experience, in the restaurants, the pleasant taste of the more traditional food.

Obviously, the florentines, do not believe that they are second to anyone and they have ignored the threat of being exported to Paris, with Caterina de’Medici, whose recipes are traditionally french (omelette, béchamel, caneton à l’orange and crepes) and have made french cuisine a universal thing. This has created some ironic criticisms in the newspapers in the north. Italy as a whole, is divided up into regions which are all administrative. But although, trying to push itself and fight off other regions, in the city of Florence, they are still alive with culture and festivities.

Recipes kindly supplied by Il Tirreno

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