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MimosaHi everyone and once again welcome to our monthly date with Tuscany!

This month we would like to guide you in travelling around events, exhibitions and commemorations, where the common thread connecting all these topics is…women culture!

In fact, which month could be better than March, which is not only the symbol, par excellence, of Spring and senses awakening, but also of woman and, at least for the current year, of the tenth edition of the Culture Week, promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, which is taking place from March 25th to 31st 2008 all over the Country?

We strongly recommend anyone being in Italy during this week not to miss the chance to take part in the exhibitions and shows expressly organised for this event.

Besides that, we would like to point out to all our readers a particular event occurring this year, in the hope it could be a cue for a deeper discussion. In fact, all the world celebrates The Women’s Day on March, and even if nowadays it has become just a “commercial pretext” for increasing the world economy, its origins date back to past and less lucrative time! In present day society, many people, or better said, many women celebrate what is commonly referred to as “their feast” and know nothing of the historical event which it goes back to. Actually, it has its official beginnings on March 8th, 1908, that is exactly a century ago, when 129 women working in a textile manufacturing in New York were burnt alive while striking to protest against the terrible working conditions they were subjected to.
At the beginning, the United States only used to celebrate this event as a commemoration of that tragic day, but then, thanks to the early 1900′s feminist movements, it gained international interest, turning into the symbol of women struggles against violence and social, working discriminations. A date to be remembered then, which should awake not only our sense of smell “to the sound of mimosa”, but also our human being conscience.

And so, which event better than Arte al Femminile: da Artemisia Gentileschi a Marina Abramovich could commemorate the centenary of this date? This set of conferences and screenings promoted by the “Culture Week” and taking place at the institution “Sestoidee”, in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), analyses and compares two important topics like Woman and Art, emphasizing once again all the troubles that women had to face to come out from old preconceptions, beliefs and injustices of a men-shaped world. They struggled to state their own capabilities and personalities, even if not always successfully. The institution “Sestoidee” thus offers us a path crossing woman art from the 16th century to the present day and trying to make its way through all the troubles and adversities that the commonly named “the weaker sex” had to face throughout centuries. Currently we seem to have “evolved” too much to accept words such as “discrimination and gender violence”; actually, there are still plenty of women undergoing physical, psychological and social violences who need help and comprehension.

Marina Abramovic

To this end, we would like to point out an Italian association which has been created for protecting women and their rights. To learn more on the promotions of events and exhibitions, and to have a look on what still happens all over the world (that is oppressions, injustices, brutalities, somewhere even legalized, as in Iran, occurring both in the well known “developed countries” and “developing countries”), please visit the website:

Once again then, Tuscany becomes messenger of a highly current and key topic, and art sets out as a tool to struggle for promoting those human rights which have been anything but acquired.
We only hope that these few words can be strong enough to remind us of those 129 workers who lost their lives in 1908 to make things get better nowadays…at least for some women.

See you in April!

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