The weather starts to cool down and the days become shorter, but that is no reason to think that Tuscany dies down as well. Apart from the traditional wine harvests, there are many music concerts and theatre performances, (this is the start of the opera and theatre seasons) the ongoing sagre and typical festivals celebrating patron saints. Just take a look below:

La Vendemmia
All around Chianti (Florence and Siena area)

La Vendemmia is the annual Tuscan grape harvest. Most picking is still done by hand, with only a few of the large estates using machines to pick. It is the tradition to have a communal feast once the grapes are in and it is definitely worth going along to one of the wine producers and either helping the picking or tasting the wines, both new and aged. Cheers!

Although, there is no specific start date for the Vendemmia, as it totally depends on the climate, generally it starts in September, signaling the awaited arrival of autumn. The harvests start early in the morning until the sun gets too hot in the mid-afternoon. Lunch is considered a serious affair and everyone is rewarded for all their hard work by the very best of the year’s prosciutto ham, cheeses and of course wine! The Vendemmia however, is more than just grape picking. In Tuscany, it is a century old tradition, a true cultural event that is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the winegrowers, serving also as an excuse to meet others, eat too much and taste the wines, and bet on who has made the best wine.

Tourists can also participate in the event or simply go along and visit the estates during the harvest. Most of which are found in the outskirts of Florence, especially in the Chianti region. Greve, the popular wine producing town, holds an annual Market and Fair of Chianti Classico wine that is open to all. You can taste and buy vintage wines, novello or new wines and local rarities.

La festa dell’uva
Impruneta, Florence
Tel: 055 231 3729 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 055 231 3729 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Tourist Office)
Date: last weekend in September

Impruneta has celebrated more than 76 editions of the Grape Festival (it has become the oldest wine festival in Italy), and each year around the end of September there are parades around the main squares with allegorical floats dedicated to grapes, wine and anything to do with living and working on the land, as well as singing and dancing and stalls selling traditional products.

In addition to the food and drink stalls in the main square, the four quarters of the region also parade through the town in a colourful historical procession. Rivalries between the different quarters simmer during the rest of the year, but are allowed to express themselves during the festival, making for some truly spectacular costumes and mischievous antics.

Settembre Musica
Teatro della Pergola and various other venues- Florence
Tel: 055 608 420 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 055 608 420 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Date: throughout September

The Settembre Musica is a music festival performed by the Amici della Musica group. It gives young or relatively unknown ensembles and artists to get noticed and show off their talents.

Rassegna Internazionale Musica dei Popoli
Auditorium Flog, Florence
Via Mercati 24b
Tel: 055 422 0300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 055 422 0300 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Date: October to November

An innovative world music festival held at one of Florence’s main live music venues.

Luminaria di Santa Croce
Date: 13 and 14th September

As in Pisa, the Luminaria di Santa Croce involves lots of candles. The centre of Lucca is lit by torch and candlelight and there is an enormous procession, largely in period costume, with music and flag-juggling.

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