Florence – Lungarno clubs and discos

Lungarno Colombo
Tel: 055 676 912
Open: 9pm-4am Tue-Sun

This nightclub, located on the banks of the Arno, is great for anyone who likes Latin rhythms. It starts off each evening as a restaurant and disco bar with a lively (though not overly boisterous) atmosphere. Then, around midnight, the atmosphere changes and Escopazzo becomes dance music mania. This is a popular spot with stars from the world of sport and show business. The prices match!

Villa Kasar
Lungarno Colombo nr.17
Tel: 055 666962

Situated on the banks of the Arno, Villa Kasar, is an altogether more upmarket venue, reputed to be the haunt of celebrities, with attention-grabbing prices to match.

Lungarno G Pecori Giraldi 1
Tel: 055 234 27 26
Open: 10pm-4am Tuesday to Sunday

This is often thought of as a dance club but tends to put on a lot of jazz and soul music. Sometimes it’s live, sometimes it’s vinyl. The place can be a little cramped and attracts a fairly young crowd.


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