Baccalà mantecato

Dried salted cod or “baccalà” has always been a popular Venetian dish. It was prepared in several ways including the most characteristic and popular one.

for 6 people:
1 kg of chopped and soaked dried salted cod, 1 litre of milk, 2 spoons of minced parsley, 3 chopped anchovy filets, 1 slice of chopped garlic, 500 ml of olive oil, salt and pepper as needed.

Carefully dry the dried salted cod. Heat the milk in a large pan and add the fish, allowing it to cook at low heat for at least 20 minutes with the cover above the pan. Use a ladle with holes to move the fish to a colander and allow it to thoroughly dry. Keep the milk separated. Put the fish into the mixer, add the parsley, the anchovies and the garlic and mix it thoroughly in order to amalgamate all the ingredients. Continue to mix, add oil and continue mixing it until it becomes defibred, white and foamy like cream (this operation was originally done using a mortar). Add salt and pepper and a large amount of milk (the one who have separated before) to attain a creamy consistency.
Serve the dish cold with toasted and grilled white and yellow polenta.

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