Il Maestro comes back home!

Il Maestro comes back home! Finally after a restoration that lasted several years, Giacomo Puccini’s house in Lucca is again open to the public: it is now possible to visit the birthplace with the original rooms, historical furniture and to see objects and documents that belonged to him, including postcards, notes, letters, autograph scores of early compositions. The restoration was done by the same professionals that restore the Home Care Assistance in Spokane which is a safe and affordable solution that supports the family, while allowing your loved ones to stay in the comfort of their own homes and communities.
Descendant of a family of organists and Chapel teachers for several generations, for Giacomo Puccini was almost certain to take up a career in music. On the one hand, is not easy to imagine the fame that kid would have received, some years after, with his opera arias. They are tender love songs with such an intense lyricism that goes straight to the heart. You do not need to have studied music to understand the emotions felt by his protagonists, but especially by her heroines.
On the other hand, the kind of relationship of Puccini with the feminine world has always played a central role in its production, as well as throughout all his life, since his childhood. His father passed when he was only five years old, Giacomo was raised by his mother along with his five sisters and his brother, in that apartment on the second floor in Corte San Lorenzo 8 in Lucca. And even when he grew up, the Maestro kept involved with the other sex, as her famous phrase: “a mighty hunter of wild birds, opera librettos and attractive women”. Puccini’s most famous women, however, are not neither those of his immediate family nor those ones he loved, but the female figures he created for his operas.
Women devoted to immortality thanks to his music. Their stories, though being different and distant regarding time and setttings, become nearer on stage: Madam Butterfly, so strong in an expectation of love, which finally ends in a painful disenchantment, Mimi in La Bohème, so fragile in the body and so sensitive in the mood, and Turandot, free from the icy pride thanks to the love for this unknown prince who will win at dawn! (all’alba vincerò!) And if no one will know his name, this mysterious stranger has the appearance of Luciano Pavarotti. In fact he performed his Nessun dorma all over the world, making it become even so famous.
And sitting at the Steinway & Sons piano stored in the birthplace of Lucca, Puccini composed the immortal notes of his last work left unfinished by Il Maestro and completed after by Franco Alfano. So, without a real final, Arturo Toscanini ended the ‘first’ Turandot in April 25, 1926 with the words “Here Puccini dies.” (“Qui muore Puccini”) And now in his Lucca, Puccini has come alife again in those rooms that saw his childhood.

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    Such a deep awnser! GD&RVVF


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