Tuscany: is it a forbidden fruit? By Vespa, no!

What would you think about if I began by saying:

“He who Vespas eats the apple, he who doesn’t, doesn’t”

Those among you who are already forty will certainly remind of that thing which was internationally acclaimed as the symbol of Italy all around the world; that symbol that has been with thousands of people throughout their youth (and not only), changing quite drastically customs and habits of the end of century-societies: the Vespa Piaggio

The Vespa was born in the latest forties in that factory which will then gain international claim as Piaggio in Pontedera, in the province of Pisa; thanks to its unique and unmistakable looking, that still today proudly stands out in concessionaires’ windows, it has brought a touch of Tuscany first, and then a touch of Italy all over the world. The invention of the Vespa supplied Italy’s need for an affordable mean of transportation for the masses due to the fact that it was relatively cheaper than a car, but mainly to the possibility of hire purchasing, a commercial invention which still today is widely successful.
Maybe that’s a further reason for explaining the fact that the Vespa has always played an important role in the collective thought, becoming a symbol of freedom, independence, social gathering and why not, emancipation.

And speaking of freedom…or better, freedom of travelling without queuing for hours in the traffic, have you ever planned a Vespa trip? I’m not speaking about motor bikes or new and modern scooters, but just about the vespa, the two-wheeler that evokes the idea of travel and adventure par excellence, no matter if it’s old or new. And if this two-wheeler is combined with unique itineraries and breathtaking views, such as Tuscany, the result is obviously a successful duo!
The Tuscan region is promoting an interesting initiative, where participants may choose one of the suggested itineraries along the Tuscan countryside and drive by riding a Vespa (there’re also vespas for renting if someone doesn’t have its own). If you like travelling easy for enjoying colours, perfumes and smells, as well as the most hidden sides of those places you’re passing through, I strongly suggest you not to miss this opportunity. It’s the perfect mean of transport for all those people who love discovering wonderful views apparently hidden by bushes for example, or a cliff-top which rises steeply out of the sea, a wine cellar for tasting good wines and typical local products, or even exploring narrow entrances to mysterious places…That said, I think I could finally define the Vespa as the mean of transport for all those who consider travelling a unique life experience, where whatever is left behind is lost…

The excursions can be of varying duration and pass throughout some of the most suggestive places of Tuscany, such as Volterra, an Etruscan, timeless village usually compared to a jewel, San Gimignano and the little villages of the countryside around Siena; if you prefer instead being surrounded by nature, I suggest the Pisa mountains, an itinerary passing throughout Cerbaie and the natural reserve of Montefalcone. Finally, the greediest readers should not miss the opportunity to take part in the excursion to San Miniato, along the wine and truffle routes for enjoying landscape and culture, but mainly food and wine traditions of one of the most amazing places in Tuscany.

And if you too decide to take part in such an adventure, please don’t do like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holidays the well-known film of the fifties thanks to which both the beautiful actress and our Vespa gained international claim: don’t forget to drive with caution, wear and fasten the crash-helmet properly and…pay attention to the traffic lights and curbs!

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