Lampredotto in Florence

Does sightseeing and admiring works of art work up an appetite? Afraid that a day touring Florence will be too much for your empty stomach to take? Don’t worry though, as in Florence all you will be surrounded by local venders selling Lampredotto, which is a traditional dish in the region of Tuscany.

In Tuscany, this tripe dish made of the stomach and intestine parts of baby calves is a local delicacy. The main reason behind its popularity is it low price as it is made from the parts of the animal which are not so desirable. When tasting this popular tripe dish try to appreciate its delicious, unique strong taste, made to perfection in the region where it is a typical traditional cuisine.

Although widespread throughout the Tuscan region, Lampredotto actually comes from Florence. It is made of only one part of the beef stomach, called Lampredotto in Italian, which is similar to lampreda fish, another type of well-loved food in the Tuscan region. A popular dish amongst the poorer classes, Lampredotto is a cooked beef dish served with vegtables and a green parsley sauce, and traditionally eaten with Tuscan bread which famously does not contain salt. Before cooking, the meat is sliced and fried in a big saucepan along with all the other ingredients so that the beef soaks in all the different flavours. It is a natural, fresh cuisine that is generally loved by everyone. When visiting Florence its a great experience to taste this particular dish, especially when accompanied by a glass of good local Chianti wine.

For those who enjoy eating as they wander along the streets of Florence, it is not impossible not to come across a burger stand which sells Lampredotto (tripe) burgers whilst walking through the streets near San Lorenzo, in Piazza del Procellino. Also, do not miss the many other various forms of Lampredotto including crostini con la puppa or spezzatini. However, whichever way it is served eating Lampredotto in Florence is truly one unforgettable experience.

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