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Nature, traditions and culture on exhibition on the mountains over Pistoia

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Summer time, and heat consequently, is fast approaching, many people take the occasion for going to seaside and taking refreshing baths, but others suffer from the heat and just look for cool places.     An alternative itinerary to usual out-of-town excursions at seaside (as for example Versilia, the Etruscan coast or Maremma in the province of Grosseto) [...]

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Tuscany welcomes gay-friendly tourism

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  I’m going to leave the appennino tracks to my great regret for introducing to all of you a cultural and tourist project promoted by the Regione Toscana, that fills in an important gap – on regional basis only by now – in the Italian tourism background and fits perfectly with the context of the [...]

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The wonder…Apennines

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Here we are again, the old year has just ended to make room for the new one, twelve months full of projects and resolutions… We continue our travel throughout the marvellous Tuscany and I would like to begin this 2011 introducing an aspect which most of you may consider unusual, but at the same time [...]

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The hippo-routes: the future of transports leds eco sustainable paths

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With regards to eco sustainable tourism… Maybe yu have already heard about that if you are keen on equestrian tourism or you simply love nature and horses: in Tuscany, as well as in other locations of the Bel Paese, some horseback riding paths, called ippovie, or hippo-routes if literally translated into English (you can even cycle along or hike over them), have recently been opened.

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Cesto del Lupo Association: 2010 season program

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Cesto del Lupo and Dynamo Camp: Click

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Bagno Vignoni: The Water Square

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We’re surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, and overlooked by the Val d’Orcia. I think it’s officially called in English, a hidden gem, unspoilt and idyllic; a quiet, peaceful village called Bagno Vignoni. This is a seriously magical place, which is physically just how it was in the 1400s as the buildings haven’t changed at [...]


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Bagni San Filippo: The Water Story

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Tuscany is truly an amazing region. It isn’t just Florence, Siena and Lucca that have beautiful places on offer. It only takes the small, picturesque houses of central Tuscany to make you feel you’re on a film set. There are waterfalls, that, combined with the beauty of the Tuscan sunshine, and forestry really are splendid. [...]

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