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“Even as that stream which holdeth its own course The first from Monte Viso tow’rds the East, Upon the left-hand slope of Apennine, Which is above called Acquacheta, ere…” (Inferno – “Hell” – XVI, 94-102)     I would like to begin this Tuscan journey by borrowing some words from a writer who isn’t a [...]

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The wonder…Apennines

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Here we are again, the old year has just ended to make room for the new one, twelve months full of projects and resolutions… We continue our travel throughout the marvellous Tuscany and I would like to begin this 2011 introducing an aspect which most of you may consider unusual, but at the same time [...]

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A Merry… eco-sustainable Christmas to all of you!

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How many times have we read the prefix ECO on newspapers, magazines and websites in the past few years? Maybe too many… These three words, which are really important when put together, embrace risk to become overused and just a fashion conversation style. I’ve decided to start with these words because I would like to [...]

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The hippo-routes: the future of transports leds eco sustainable paths

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With regards to eco sustainable tourism… Maybe yu have already heard about that if you are keen on equestrian tourism or you simply love nature and horses: in Tuscany, as well as in other locations of the Bel Paese, some horseback riding paths, called ippovie, or hippo-routes if literally translated into English (you can even cycle along or hike over them), have recently been opened.

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Farm holidays in Tuscany: a link relating past, present and future

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It is strange to think that people come from anywhere to find out the places where you are born and grown up, where your family has lived for generations, the places you sleepily pass through every morning to go work…

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At the table in Pistoia

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Policarpo Pertrocchi, the pistoian of Cireglio castle and the famous author, once said that the kitchen of the earth was one of the mountains and of the people, they used to carry their soup, their chestnuts and their polenta to Maremma to meet the coal men. Leaving in November and returning on the 24th of [...]

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The Brigidini Biscuits of Lamporecchio

La Toscana: Made in Tuscany, Pistoia

It is all thanks to Sister Brigida that we are blessed today with these delicious wafer biscuits. It is she who used to regularly busy herself preparing the dough to make the, now famous, biscuits. It all started when Brigida and the other sisters at her convent in Lamporecchio, so as to not waste anything, [...]

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