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Nature, traditions and culture on exhibition on the mountains over Pistoia

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Summer time, and heat consequently, is fast approaching, many people take the occasion for going to seaside and taking refreshing baths, but others suffer from the heat and just look for cool places.     An alternative itinerary to usual out-of-town excursions at seaside (as for example Versilia, the Etruscan coast or Maremma in the province of Grosseto) [...]

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Pisa Leaning Tower re-opens doors after a long makeover

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For a few days now, people visiting Piazza del Duomo in Pisa have stared at the amazing sight before their eyes: more gleaming than usual, now more than ever it deserves the expression Piazza dei Miracoli(literally Squares of Miracles) that the well-known Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio created for describing the wonderful contrast of the white monuments against the bright green grass. And [...]

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Tuscany: is it a forbidden fruit? By Vespa, no!

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What would you think about if I began by saying: “He who Vespas eats the apple, he who doesn’t, doesn’t” Those among you who are already forty will certainly remind of that thing which was internationally acclaimed as the symbol of Italy all around the world; that symbol that has been with thousands of people [...]

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Volterra – the City of Alabaster

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Volterra is found on the upper course of the River Era, on the corner of the regions of Florence, Siena and Pisa. It is an ancient village which has always been synonymous with albaster. Volterra is a colourful town, which has maintained most of its medieval heritage. The Palazzo comunale is the oldest Town Hall [...]

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The Cherries of Lari

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Lari is a small town of 8000 inhabitants situated near Pontedera which is famous for its cherry production. Nevertheless, for Lari and the surrounding area, the cherry is more than just a vocation. In fact, the residents of Lari have never considered the cherries as a way of generating income, neither have they ever considering [...]

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At the table in Pisa

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How do they eat in Pisa….well or badly? The quality of the food both locally and nearby is today proved in both the restaurants and the trattories. Therefore, with extreme restraint, we can say that in Pisa and the area of Pisa, we eat better than those in Lucca and the surrounding area of Lucca, [...]

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Pisa City of Medieval Art

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  For art lovers, from the medieval period in particular, a visit to Pisa on a trip to Tuscany is almost obligatory. Pisa underwent tremendous economic development during the Medieval times, and there are still many buildings, in the city and the neighbouring areas, that bear witness to the beauty and success Pisa has seen [...]

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The Torta coi Bischeri

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The torta coi bischeri, a typical Pisan dessert, is simply a chocolate rice cake which takes its name from the horns of dough which are used to decorate it. The word bischero literally means the small key which is used to adjust the strings of a violin but as always the people of Tuscany have [...]

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