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Il Maestro comes back home!

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Il Maestro comes back home! Finally after a restoration that lasted several years, Giacomo Puccini’s house in Lucca is again open to the public: it is now possible to visit the birthplace with the original rooms, historical furniture and to see objects and documents that belonged to him, including postcards, notes, letters, autograph scores of [...]

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Tuscany welcomes gay-friendly tourism

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  I’m going to leave the appennino tracks to my great regret for introducing to all of you a cultural and tourist project promoted by the Regione Toscana, that fills in an important gap – on regional basis only by now – in the Italian tourism background and fits perfectly with the context of the [...]

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Lucca noble bread

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Whoever comes to Lucca and doesn’t eat buccellato can’t say that has been there! (anonymous Lucca saying) Along our journey throughout Tuscan flavours, we talked about wine, chestnuts, olive oil, fine and internationally renowned meat, but… do you know what Buccellato is? I have to admit that I’ve one up on you because my roots [...]

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Farm holidays in Tuscany: a link relating past, present and future

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It is strange to think that people come from anywhere to find out the places where you are born and grown up, where your family has lived for generations, the places you sleepily pass through every morning to go work…

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Lucca: history, nature art and sea

La Toscana: Lucca

It could be said that the province of Lucca wants for nothing. The capital Lucca, has a plethora of splendid monuments that testify to the many and varied periods of Lucca’s history. The province has the Versilia seaside resorts, among the most noted in Italy for its beaches and nightlife; mountains, forests and enchanting rural [...]

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The PGI of Emmer Wheat in Garfagnana

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A part of Italy only known by food experts; Garfagnana. Where Emmer Wheat comes from, which is the oldest of all known crops. In recent years though, the crop has had a bit of a resurgence, and is on plates again, not only in Tuscany, but all of Italy. The unexpected rebirth of this product [...]

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At the table in Lucca and Viareggio

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In a Tuscany full of different dialects, Lucca makes itself well known, not only due to its dialect or because they have allowed more emigrants in than all the other Tuscan provinces put together. Here, there is a sign of a great moral force and a great need to work, but there is also a [...]

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Ilaria del Carretto in Lucca

La Toscana: Arts, Churches and monasteries, English, Lucca, Tuscan characters

The San Martino Church in Lucca is a true Romanesque masterpiece, with its beautifully carved grey and marble front facade, which is actually a great porch and its ample bell tower which leans ever so gently against the church. This stunning facade, made up of a series of columns, is perforated like lace and projects [...]

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