Art in Tuscany: your guide to Tuscan art, Italy

Spoerri Garden in Seggiano: An Artist’s Dream

La Toscana: Arts, Villas and gardens

Situated on the slopes of the Amiata, Seggiano is an area covered with old olive trees, chestnut trees and blooms whose quiet villages, with their rocks and castles, tell of a dark and mysterious past. A vast and fascinating landscape which is easily distinguished from the rest of Tuscany, due to the unmistakable profile of [...]

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The Castello Villa and Garden

La Toscana: Arts, Florence, Villas and gardens

Tourists that visit Florence often do not feel the need to leave the city centre due to the sheer beauty which can be found there, but those who have a little patience will find, outside the city centre, amazing treasures without the crowds: the lesser known gems of Florence. Such is the case with the [...]

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Villa Cetinale

La Toscana: Arts, Villas and gardens

  Tebaide is the name of the High Egyptian desert dating back to the third century a.d., where many people sought refuge or some sort and some often went on life changing missions to find God in the serenity of this isolated desert. But why are we talking about this in an article about a [...]

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The Boboli Gardens of Florence

La Toscana: Arts, Florence, Villas and gardens

Located in one of the most fascinating places in the world and taking up an area of 45 square metres, the Boboli Gardens, in Florence, can only be described as a wonderland filled with amazing fountains, statues, Egyptian style stone pillars, bath-tubs originally from thermal spas of ancient Rome, columns, mazes, elaborately decorated caves, amphitheatres, [...]

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Florence, city of art and architecture

La Toscana: Arts, Florence

It’s impossible to describe Florence in it’s glorious entirety, but we can say this, Florence is a city where everything is expressed with great force and gusto: art, culture, fashion, cooking and nature. It is an open air museum surrounded by beautiful hills, where architectural and natural beauty are united with an innate love of [...]

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Art Galleries and Museums in Florence

La Toscana: Arts

There are many Art Galleries and Museums available for you to see in Florence. Some of the most popular are listed below. You will find that a lot of the them focus around the Renaissance period. The galleries show, not only work by modern and classical artists, but by local and world renowned artists too. [...]


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The Modi Practical Joke of Livorno

La Toscana: Arts, Tuscan characters

This is the story of a huge practical joke involving one of Livorno’s most famous personalities, Amedeo Modigliani, and four ordinary young men, which took place 20 years ago in one of the nicest areas of the city, the Medici canal which flows in front of the indoor market. The joke took place back in [...]

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