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Il Maestro comes back home!

La Toscana: Art, History and Culture, English, Lucca, Newsletter archive, Tuscan characters

Il Maestro comes back home! Finally after a restoration that lasted several years, Giacomo Puccini’s house in Lucca is again open to the public: it is now possible to visit the birthplace with the original rooms, historical furniture and to see objects and documents that belonged to him, including postcards, notes, letters, autograph scores of [...]

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High adrenaline journeys… to Tuscany!

La Toscana: Ecotourism, English, Newsletter archive

Has someone ever said that Tuscany is the ideal place for spending relaxing and cultural holidays only, where good cooking has paved the way to a wonderful world, made of tasty discovers and natural, artistic wonders, among the most beautiful in the world? I don’t want to be rude or appear a little bit ‘exuberant’ [...]

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Nature, traditions and culture on exhibition on the mountains over Pistoia

La Toscana: Ecotourism, English, Nature & Wellness, Newsletter archive, Pisa, Tuscan itineraries

Summer time, and heat consequently, is fast approaching, many people take the occasion for going to seaside and taking refreshing baths, but others suffer from the heat and just look for cool places.     An alternative itinerary to usual out-of-town excursions at seaside (as for example Versilia, the Etruscan coast or Maremma in the province of Grosseto) [...]

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Pisa Leaning Tower re-opens doors after a long makeover

La Toscana: Art, History and Culture, Arts, English, Newsletter archive, Pisa

For a few days now, people visiting Piazza del Duomo in Pisa have stared at the amazing sight before their eyes: more gleaming than usual, now more than ever it deserves the expression Piazza dei Miracoli(literally Squares of Miracles) that the well-known Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio created for describing the wonderful contrast of the white monuments against the bright green grass. And [...]

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Tuscany welcomes gay-friendly tourism

La Toscana: English, Florence, Gay Venues, Grosseto, Lucca, Nature & Wellness, Newsletter archive, Siena, Tuscan itineraries, Tuscan Spa, Wine and food tours

  I’m going to leave the appennino tracks to my great regret for introducing to all of you a cultural and tourist project promoted by the Regione Toscana, that fills in an important gap – on regional basis only by now – in the Italian tourism background and fits perfectly with the context of the [...]

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La Toscana: Arezzo, Art, History and Culture, English, Florence, Made in Tuscany, Pistoia, Tuscan characters, Tuscan itineraries

“Even as that stream which holdeth its own course The first from Monte Viso tow’rds the East, Upon the left-hand slope of Apennine, Which is above called Acquacheta, ere…” (Inferno – “Hell” – XVI, 94-102)     I would like to begin this Tuscan journey by borrowing some words from a writer who isn’t a [...]

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Shopping in Florence

La Toscana: Shopping in Florence

Shopping in Florence is truly unique as quite often you will find that walking along the city’s many ancient and medieval streets is an experience in itself. There are not many cities that can provide such high quality goods, with the city offering a range of goods with shops to suit each and every budget: [...]

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The wonder…Apennines

La Toscana: Art, History and Culture, English, Nature & Wellness, Newsletter archive, Pistoia, Tuscan culture and traditions, Tuscan itineraries, Wine and food tours

Here we are again, the old year has just ended to make room for the new one, twelve months full of projects and resolutions… We continue our travel throughout the marvellous Tuscany and I would like to begin this 2011 introducing an aspect which most of you may consider unusual, but at the same time [...]

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A Merry… eco-sustainable Christmas to all of you!

La Toscana: Ecotourism, English, Pistoia

How many times have we read the prefix ECO on newspapers, magazines and websites in the past few years? Maybe too many… These three words, which are really important when put together, embrace risk to become overused and just a fashion conversation style. I’ve decided to start with these words because I would like to [...]

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The Etruscans’ Tuscany: the transalpine cousins vous souhaitent la bienvenue!

La Toscana: Arezzo, Art, History and Culture, English, Grosseto, Tuscan culture and traditions

… Not that Tuscany bounds are usually very limited, mind you, her cultural heritage is well-known all around the world, but starting from early November the history of Tuscany and those who laid the foundations for her grandeur will be celebrated by two top showcases such as the Cinquantenaire Museum in Bruxelles and the Salon International du Patrimoine [...]

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Lucca noble bread

La Toscana: English, Lucca, Made in Tuscany, Newsletter archive, Tuscan cooking

Whoever comes to Lucca and doesn’t eat buccellato can’t say that has been there! (anonymous Lucca saying) Along our journey throughout Tuscan flavours, we talked about wine, chestnuts, olive oil, fine and internationally renowned meat, but… do you know what Buccellato is? I have to admit that I’ve one up on you because my roots [...]

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Spring in Italy 2000: Rome, Florence and Venice

La Toscana: English, Newsletter archive, Pearls of Italy

In Italy, quoting from Italian proverbs – you say April makes your sleep sweeter; probably this drowsy atmosphere has infected me too! Besides being the month of Morpheus, April also marks the beginning of spring. Hills are covered by flowers, the air is full of fragrances, and the Italian cities are more beautiful than ever. [...]

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