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Do you fancy a night out at the cinema, whether on your own, with your “amore” or with the kids, in Florence you’ll be spoilt for choice of where to go. Even if you can’t understand a word of Italian don’t worry, because in Florence there are also a few cinemas where it is possible to watch movies in their original language as well as those in Italian i.e. films in English etc.

Going to the cinema or the “movies” has become an increasingly popular pastime since the mid-nineties, and the number of cinemas has increased to meet the needs of the people in Florence, with many of the city’s multiplexes having undergone major renovations. Once upon a time nearly all Italian cinemas closed down during the obligatory Ferie (the Italian summer holidays), which generally last from July until early September, however, more and more recently, they are staying open longer to cater for the growing need.

Florentine cinemas are very varied; there are modern one-screen halls, massive multiplexes and small independent cinemas. The Cecchi Gori Group owns the most cinemas in the city and the majority show general releases and (dubbed) American blockbusters, although the Atelier group makes sure that Art house theatre is kept alive. Atelier have 6 cinemas that show good quality independent films and directors and actors will often attend ‘previews’ and answer audience’ questions. However, one of the best times to go to the cinema is during the summer; between the months of June and September, you can watch a new release or one of the previous winter’s blockbusters in the open air, as you sit beneath the stars. If the “normal” theatres remain open, many have air-conditioning, which is a great way to avoid the humidity of a Florentine summer and above all the mosquitoes!!


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