A Merry… eco-sustainable Christmas to all of you!

How many times have we read the prefix ECO on newspapers, magazines and websites in the past few years? Maybe too many… These three words, which are really important when put together, embrace risk to become overused and just a fashion conversation style.

I’ve decided to start with these words because I would like to focus this year last pages on a topic which is very important to us as well as to an increasing number of people, fortunately, and we too have the duty for spreading it as far as we can.

Everyone, at least many people, speak about eco-sustainability nowadays, since human selfishness and the consequent exploitation of a non-sustainable heritage during centuries have raised problems which once where unknown to human beings, and beside that we still don’t go further than the simple buzz word or website recently found.

I have decided to focus on eco-sustainability because December is when we draw up a balance of the months just past and we think about resolutions for the new year. So why don’t we think in advance about what each of us can do for reducing the impact that every single human action has on environment? Considering that we are approaching to Christmas time, what about giving ourselves a gift, trying to improve our and other people life quality?

We can make our lives more eco-friendly, it’s not easy, but possible. A few renounces are necessary, but it is worth the trouble, I assure you. We can even have eco-friendly fashion clothing, spend an eco-friendly holiday without giving up an apartment or a room surrounded by the green Tuscan hills and breathtaking views. Do you wonder how is all that possible? Well, the first step is making the right choice, whether it regards products like soaps or cleaners, furniture, or even, as I wrote you before, clothes: no oil (and oil derivatives) is the word! Recycled materials instead of plastic, rechargeable containers and dispensers instead of disposable ones, bookcases and shelves made from leftover wood (which instead would have been thrown away), milk fibre or recycled paper clothing and accessories, perfect for both a disco night or a romantic dinner.

Do you wonder how can you conciliate your need to take a break and relax with an eco-sustainable holiday? It’s possible, of course, you just need once again to make the right choice! There is a very nice hamlet not far away from Florence, situated on the hills that separate the province of Lucca from Pistoia, to be more precise. It is the perfect place for spending some days during Christmas time and take a break from the stress of Christmas shopping. Among these gentle hills, there’s a farmhouse called Serravalle Pistoiese 2480, which has been realized following the eco-sustainability concepts: it has been restored with original materials and provided with solar thermal energy systems and thermal chimneys. Only biological foods served in the restaurant, mainly grown in the same farm where the farmhouse has been realized. This process is commonly called “zero impact cooking” and it’s the best way for giving local products more value and, at the same time, giving up spreading an absurd economical system according to which we should eat food that has grown abroad, even if there’s plenty of it in our country (and it goes to the pulper instead). But mainly, it’s the best and most natural way to enjoy real, traditional Tuscan products as they originally were prepared many years ago, without food additives (bad for our health!)

That said, there’s nothing left for me to say that wishing you Happy Holidays and a Great New Year… And let’s hope for a magic Christmas, where all of us will be nicer, more generous and…eco-friendly!

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