Tuscany as you've not ever seen it: Tuscany travel is a recently renovated web site which gather all information you may need to discover Tuscany and her cultural, historical aspects, as well as traditional recipes and curiosities. Tuscany travel also promotes uncommon itineraries around our beautiful region: once a month you will be invited to discover her most hidden secrets through our Toscana Newsletter. Tuscany travel meets Tuscany's inhabitants from past and present, both famous and everyday people; and takes a look at their inumerable masterpeices of art, architecture and even cuisine, both celebrated and off the beaten track. Tuscany travel endeavours to recount not only the image but also the character and the spirit of an extraordinary land, expanding boundaries, like Goethe did in his Italian Journey, taking you on an inspired and inspiring journey through Tuscany.

Il Maestro comes back home! Finally after a restoration that lasted several years, Giacomo Puccini’s house in Lucca is again open to the public: it is now possible to visit the birthplace with the original rooms, historical furniture and to see objects and documents that belonged to him, including postcards, notes, letters, autograph scores of [...]

Has someone ever said that Tuscany is the ideal place for spending relaxing and cultural holidays only, where good cooking has paved the way to a wonderful world, made of tasty discovers and natural, artistic wonders, among the most beautiful in the world? I don’t want to be rude or appear a little bit ‘exuberant’ [...]

Summer time, and heat consequently, is fast approaching, many people take the occasion for going to seaside and taking refreshing baths, but others suffer from the heat and just look for cool places.     An alternative itinerary to usual out-of-town excursions at seaside (as for example Versilia, the Etruscan coast or Maremma in the province of Grosseto) [...]

For a few days now, people visiting Piazza del Duomo in Pisa have stared at the amazing sight before their eyes: more gleaming than usual, now more than ever it deserves the expression Piazza dei Miracoli(literally Squares of Miracles) that the well-known Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio created for describing the wonderful contrast of the white monuments against the bright green grass. And [...]

  I’m going to leave the appennino tracks to my great regret for introducing to all of you a cultural and tourist project promoted by the Regione Toscana, that fills in an important gap – on regional basis only by now – in the Italian tourism background and fits perfectly with the context of the [...]

“Even as that stream which holdeth its own course The first from Monte Viso tow’rds the East, Upon the left-hand slope of Apennine, Which is above called Acquacheta, ere…” (Inferno – “Hell” – XVI, 94-102)     I would like to begin this Tuscan journey by borrowing some words from a writer who isn’t a [...]


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